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DJ, producer Tigran 'MiMOSA' brings Future Trill tour to Columbia

DJ and music producer Tigran Mimosa delivers an electrifying performance in his Future Trill tour.

By Ashlee Czapla | Oct. 23, 2012

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Would you care for some more MiMOSA?

MiMOSA as in DJ Tigran Mimosa. If an auditory experience is what you are seeking, this California native brings his surreal sounds all over the map, even to Columbia.

“I saw MiMOSA this summer at Electric Forest, and it was incredible,” says freshman Connor Baniak, who attended Saturday night's show at The Blue Note. “His music is unlike anything else. … I was excited to see what he would be like at a smaller show, and I was not disappointed.”

Whether it is experimental hip-hop, dubstep, or glitch-hop, MiMOSA music cannot be put into any single category. Mimosa calls his multi-dimensional layers of pulsating beats, textures and styles "future trill," which is a more than appropriate title for his auditory experimentation.

“I love MiMOSA’s music because it is upbeat and always good to dance to, but it always has a funky darker side,” freshman Hannah Lazo says. “He was playing some bassy, dirty stuff on Saturday and it was such a great time. He was really giving it to his fans.”

MiMOSA is an energetically expressive performer who jams out to his music just as hard as his fans do. He ended his show Saturday by jumping into the crowd and thanking those who were up in front and grooving during the entire performance.

“When I look into a crowd, I can see who is really here for the music,” Mimosa says. “I saw those who were really going hard and I kept it going for them. Those fans are the reason why I make music.”

MiMOSA is no newbie to the electronic music scene. He began making beats and producing music at 17. His music first began radiating out of his hometown in San Francisco, Calif., but his talent eventually took him places all over the globe. Just this year alone he has performed at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Ultra Music Festival, Bonnaroo and Electric Forest.

“Performing is such an experience," he says. "It’s this give-and-take process with the crowd between my music and their responses to it. I really try to sync energies with the people who come out, which creates a different show every time."

Versatile to say the least, MiMOSA manages to keep his ever-changing, ever-dynamic sound ambient, melodic and skillfully timed.

“Being up in front at MiMOSA’s show and being so close to him, I was able to become totally in tune with him and his music," Lazo says. "Being so close to him as well as him playing at a smaller venue like The Blue Note created an intimate setting that really made for a great show."

Unlike a lot of the heavier dubstep scene, MiMOSA found a way to incorporate a smoothness to his progressive music which makes his music a style all his own. This MiMOSA will not leave you with a hangover, but it might leave you with a bass-induced aftershock.

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