We Live In Public sheds light on new genre of rock

After rocking Roxy's on Thursday, the Columbia band plays again Saturday night in Rocheport.

By Victoria Ross | Oct. 19, 2012

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Two years ago, Jaeson Day, Matt Olson, Devin Burrow and Zach Denison formed the local band We Live In Public.

A melting pot of funk, indie, blues and pop, the band prides itself on playing whatever the mood dictates. Thursday night at Roxy’s, crammed between a sandwich shop and popular nightclub in downtown Columbia, We Live in Public laid it all out on the table.

We Live in Public’s show was a mix of covers and original music from the band's demo, which members released shortly after forming, and an upcoming album. Day singing lead vocals on Cake’s song “The Distance” was easily my favorite cover of the night. Day says whoever has the most investment in the song usually sings lead, but the band is big on harmonies, as clearly evidenced by the song “Muddy Water Friend.”

Every song We Live in Public plays is so multi-faceted and complex that it is impossible to categorize the band into one genre. Even the band members admit their influences, ranging from The Beatles to Dave Matthews Band to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are as diverse as their sound. When Olson pulled out the saxophone during the set, I knew things were about to get good. How many other bands have both guitar and sax solos within a single song?

The ultimate goal for the band is a professional music career.

"We're closer than ever to that dream," Burrow says.

According to the band, the musicians try to put as much time as possible into their music despite day jobs, which average about 50 hours a week for the band.

So what’s next for We Live in Public? The band's first full album, tentatively titled One Track Mind, is still in production. The band is hopeful it will drop in early 2013, but the band is cautious about setting an exact date, Day says. If you appreciate quality sound with an underground feel, Google this band immediately and check it out Saturday at the Monster Bike Bash in Rocheport.

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