End of the summer playlist

Songs to draw out the precious few, last days of summer.

By Christine Cauthen | July 6, 2011

Tags: Music


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Whether we like it or not, summer is quickly coming to a close. Whether you’re picking up extra shifts to ensure rent will be paid in the fall or getting ready to cram for your summer finals, everyone just wants to stretch summer out as long as they possibly can.

For those moments when you just want to bask in the freedom that summer symbolizes, here is your playlist:

  1. “Constructive Summer” — The Hold Steady. “Constructive Summer” expresses sentiments shared by everyone stuck in a small town all summer, finding trouble and fun in activities like climbing water towers and summer love — with a few local shows mixed in. Anyone back home for the summer should be able to relate his or her old friends to the lyrics and get addicted to the steady, driving guitar part.

  2. “Summer” — Modest Mouse. “We go to the parties, listen to the DJs, dance-dance-dance and go crazy.” If that isn’t enough to explain why this song is the perfect summer anthem, the bouncy guitar and lyrics about how the smell of summer makes them fall in love should make it more than relatable.

Maybe you aren’t “that person,” but I’m sure we all know the one who lives for summer romance. Modest Mouse just knows how to put it into perspective alongside lyrics that encourage you to let loose and dance — the musical definition of summer.

  1. "Die Tonight" — The Young Veins. The Young Veins capture the sea-side summer vibe originated by bands like the Beach Boys and make it more modern.

“We have the time of our lives every night, like it’s our job to lose our minds.” This song might just be the theme song for any college student on any sort of break from school. This summer you may have picked up a job to pay the bills, but this song reminds us of our number one duty, with a beachy vibe to pull it all together.

  1. “We’ll Be Alright” — Travis McCoy. Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes released this song on his first solo CD, and its carefree vibe, catchy beat and chorus of “oooh”s make it just the right song to sing along to on a road trip, put on a playlist for sitting poolside or to listen to while working out. It’s a perfect pop song with a slight hip-hop beat and a classic sample from British band Supergrass.

No matter what genre you flock toward or what your summer has consisted of, these songs will make you feel like you’ve had the summer of your life — even if you’ve been trapped behind cubicle walls all break.

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