Four Oh-so-fine spring trends you need to know

Think hippies. Think nature.

By Clare Ngai | May 6, 2011

Tags: Fashion


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Finally, it’s spring. With the very last stretch of winter withdrawn from Missouri, we can now officially flaunt our favorite spring fashion pieces in the season of blooming flowers and chittering birds. And guess what? It's no time to be conventional. Sure, we all know spring screams colors, and it’s no exception this year. Red, blue and orange are in again—but you can do better than that.

Color-wise, the last thing you should do is to limit yourself to bold hues. With honeysuckle (pink) voted as the color of the year by Pantone, you probably should have—at least by now—noticed the mix between the hyper colors and the neutral earth tones. Now, for texture and shape, think sheerness and different lengths: cropped, maxi and knee-length.

That said, spring ’11 provides some diverse trends that range from super-saturated palettes and floor-length hemlines to down-to-earth shades and navel-showing tops. Everyone, including you who are reading this, is going to find something that is trendy and compliments your own style.

  1. Celebrate the '70s

Let’s get all Studio 54 this spring. (Well, minus Woody Allen’s wig, I guess.) But seriously, no matter if it’s the long and lean dresses or high-waisted flare trouser, they’ve all re-returned this season. After almost a decade of skinny jeans and micro-mini cuts domination, why not try embracing the sleek and chic ‘70s-inspired trends? The best way to style them is by pairing with wedges or clogs, and tucked-in shirts.

  1. Full Bloom

“Florals for spring? Ground breaking,”—hold on, you Miranda Priestly quotes advocates. Look out your window, and you might realize it is spring, and a little bit of ruffles and botanical patterns will always remain a front-runner. So be bold and flirty, scoop up bunches of bountiful floral prints and pair them with boho-inspired, statement jewelry. If spring isn’t the time for optimal femininity, when is?

  1. Give me some maxi love

Nope, maxi dresses are no longer only for celebrities who have 42-inch long legs like actress Megan Fox. And fear not if you are petite like me (5' 2"), just add a pair of platforms—or the industry’s newest favorite shoe trend, “flatforms” — then you are ready to go with your flowy, goddess-like maxi. Other options are gladiator sandals and wingtip oxfords.

But please, do not wear anything else; the dress itself is the biggest statement piece already, and any accessory or jewelry will be excessive.

  1. Into the wild

For this spring, designers like Henry Holland (House of Holland), Michael Kors and Joseph Altuzarra decide to indulge their primal instincts way beyond the ordinary leopard prints. Think jungle themes, animal shapes, exotic and tribal patterns instead. If you aren’t ready for a full gear of nature-inspired pieces, always start with something small. Usher in a set of festive accessories with the fresh palette of poppy greens and blues, and you will figure your way out in the forest.

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