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Plain White T's sophistication converts "Hey There Delilah" critic

The Plain White T's revamped sound changed this critic's mind about the once pre-teen sugarpop favorite.

By Ellen Fike | April 8, 2011

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Entering The Blue Note to see Plain White T’s on Wednesday night, I honestly wasn’t too excited. I saw them nearly four years ago when they opened for my true love, Fall Out Boy, and I didn't pay enough attention to them to really care. Plus, I didn’t want to listen to “Hey There Delilah” any more than the radio forced me to.

Walking out the same doors at the end of the night, I was singing a whole different tune. I was genuinely impressed by what the band has managed to do in the past four years. Their style has changed from the casual jeans and T-shirts to a sleeker style, including vests, button-ups and dress pants.

The band opened up with “Irrational Anthem,” a song from their latest album. They were vivacious, fun and it was evident they were enjoying themselves onstage. Watching the show, you couldn’t help but to smile, dance and sing along with every song. While playing their newest songs, the band had a Beatles feel to their sound.

Early in the show, the band began playing “Our Time Now,” which drove the crowd absolutely wild. The band kept up with the fast-paced theme of the night, until they decided to play “Welcome to Mystery,” a song that was featured on 2010’s "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack and is also on their new album.

The crowd began to sway as they took in singer Tom Higgenson’s voice. It almost felt like he’d cast an enchantment over the crowd. During the crowd favorite “Hey There Delilah,” couples all through the crowd began to cling to each other and take in the band’s internationally famed love song.

During the show, I noticed an array of odd crowd members. The age of the crowd varied from kids under 10 to adults pushing the big 50. The alcohol flowed freely, as I saw most of the patrons I was standing nearby with some sort of alcoholic beverage in their hands.

My fellow crowdmates' moods also changed drastically as the night progressed. Mild-mannered during Andy Grammar’s set, they began to really come alive while Parachute played. However, they went absolutely insane for Plain White T’s.

After a long night filled with long lines and quite a bit of standing around, watching and waiting, I managed to gain a newfound respect for Plain White T’s.

So for all of you "Hey There Delilah" haters out there, turn off the radio and pick up the T's latest album Wonders of the Younger. You just might like what you hear.

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