Cold War Kids expands into deeper territories

The band will be performing with A Lull and Old Lights on March 15 at The Blue Note.

By Ellen Fike | March 11, 2011

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Since 2004, Cold War Kids has been filling the ears and hearts of its fans with its unique blend of blues and indie rock. Although they might not be the most mainstream band, the guys are receiving increasingly more attention.

“We’re playing Radio City Music Hall in a month or so," frontman Nathan Willett said. "That’s our biggest future moment.”

Cold War Kids was formed when the guys were attending college in Fullerton, Calif.

They never the notion to start a band, rather enjoying just hanging out together, talking about music and art. When graduation started to close in, Willettt decided to make a change.

“I knew I either needed to stick with teaching or this was going to be my last chance to play music," he said. "We all got together and we didn’t know what we were doing.”

After generating buzz in the underground indie scene (and with quite a bit of help from bloggers), Cold War Kids managed to get signed to Downtown Records and release their first EP, Mulberry Street. They began picking up steam when they released their debut album, especially when their single “Hang Me Up to Dry” hit the airwaves. Since signing to their record label in 2006, Cold War Kids have released three albums, the latest of which is Mine is Yours. They also got help from famed producer Jacquire King, who has an extensive resume, including Kings of Leon and Modest Mouse. The band has managed to switch up their sound quite a bit since their first release, and Willettt feels that he is at his most vulnerable and revealing on this album.

“We had more time with this album, and that helped," he said. "I also took a different approach lyrically. It’s more personal to me. It’s kind of about relationships and struggles. We also took a different musical approach.”

Willettt and the rest of the band never stop writing, either. Mine is Yours was released at the end of January, but Willettt said there were always new ideas floating around,and they were always writing new things for inspiration. Willettt takes inspiration from all types of different artists, such as P. J. Harvey, Nina Simone, The Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.

After working with a famed music producer and generating fans all over the world, Willettt has not let fame go to his head, though.

“The real reward of being in a band is to kind of keep everything in check," he said. "Just being in a band is a miracle.”

Cold War Kids will be performing March 15 at The Blue Note.

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