Secret santa songs for the holidays

MOVE shines the spotlight on some secret holiday songs.

By Christine Cauthen | Dec. 2, 2011


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Finally, the holiday season is upon us. Technically, it’s still just under a month away, but TV commercials and radio jingles have been singing songs of winter cheer for the past few weeks. At this point, the weather is turning against us and break is so close that waking up and going to class is the hardest it’s been all year. So what’s one to do but indulge? The following are holiday songs that are remixed, redone or completely original that will help you to get in the cheerful holiday mood.

  1. "Don’t Shoot Me Santa" by The Killers — The bluesy Las Vegas rock that The Killers demonstrate in this slightly dark “Christmas song” puts a unique spin on the culture entirely. In the chorus, lead singer Brandon Flowers sings “Don’t shoot me Santa Claus/I’ve been a clean living boy/I promise you/Did every little thing you asked me to.” This song tells the grown-up version of the classic story of a little boy begging for presents, one that a lot of us can relate to. Maybe begging not to be shot is a little different than begging for a toy BB gun, but the feelings are relatable, nonetheless.

  2. "The Chanukah Song (Parts I, II & III)" by Adam Sandler — Comedian Adam Sandler has won over the hearts of many with his unique humor and witty antics. Not only Jewish people, but those who enjoy a good light-hearted sing-a-long in general will enjoy The Chanukah Songs put out by Sandler. There’s no denying that in America, Christmas is the main topic of discussion when it comes to the holiday season. Sandler provides an extensive list of well-known personalities who just happen to light a menorah, and shines a light on non-Christmas celebrations.

  3. "Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End)" by The Darkness — Beneath the layers of lyrics referencing common holiday associations lies a song about longing and regret. The falsetto lead singer voices his longing for a relationship to continue, despite the other lover having a job and spending plenty of time apart. Christmastime is definitely a time of togetherness, and with the cold weather and mistletoe hanging everywhere, it’s hard not to want to snuggle up close next to somebody. The Darkness put into music feelings that many have at this time of year.

  4. "Believe in Me" by Fun. — In this Beach Boys-reminiscent song, the lyrics cover everything from wish lists to Santa’s deepest, darkest feelings. Although there are comedic parts joking about things like the Olsen twins, there is also an underlying theme of acceptance. Fun. portrays Santa as remembering fond memories and realizing that it’s “okay to be lonely," humanizing the persona that is often portrayed as being upon a pedestal.

Christmas songs that have flooded the airwaves for many, many years will undoubtedly continue to do the same, but there are a variety of alternative styles of holiday music that should fill your playlists.

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