Get ready for the Sickest party around

Forever the Sickest Kids will play Nov. 15 at The Blue Note.

By Taylor Weatherby | Nov. 12, 2010

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Ever since "American Pie" came out, band camp has brought the world many great things. One of these things is a band that hails from Dallas, Texas, named Forever the Sickest Kids.

The band's drummer, Kyle Burns, said the most popular story the band likes to tell is about how its infamous name originated at band camp. Whether this story is fictional or not — Burns said making up stories on the spot is what they do -- the main point of the story was the guys of FTSK came together at band camp and proclaimed they were going to be in the band forever, thus resulting in the name.

A mix of a high school friendship, a pair of best friends, a step-brotherhood and college brought the group together. The true story of the six-man band's creation is what Burns calls a spider web of how they all met.

It all started during Christmas of 2006.

"We all got together one day and just started writing music," Burns said. "We came up with the song now known as 'Hey Brittany' and the rest is history. We just knew we had to keep writing music together."

More recently, FTSK just got done with a tour overseas and is back in Dallas recording what Burns said is the group's favorite music it has ever written.

"Anyone that has ever liked one of our songs before will be extremely thrilled with every song on this record," Burns said.

The band plans on pausing the production of its series of The Weekend EPs and releasing a full-length album in February or March of next year.

As the band embarks on its next tour, called The Tour for Kids Who Can't Read Good (And Want to Learn How to Do Other Stuff Good Too) — a long but great name to all you Zoolander fans — all the band wants to do is meet new people and have a good time.

"If anyone's ever seen us before, they always say that they have a good time hanging out with us," Burns said. "But during the show it's pretty much like a house party. Anything goes. It's always fun playing the smaller venues because we get to be right in everyone's faces and they get to be in ours."

Burns said the group doesn't have a lot of say in where the tour stops.

"We definitely know that we like to hit new places that we've never been to before and meet new people and make new friends," Burns said. "We're coming to Columbia to hang out, but it just so happens we'll play a show that night too. The main reason is coming to party. We're just forced to play a show."

Each show, the band plays off the energy of the crowd. If the crowd is partying, the band is too. So spend the $16 and buy a ticket for Nov. 15 at The Blue Note to see these guys live. Who doesn't want to party?

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