Los Campesinos! goes commercial

The brit rockers will hit up St. Louis' Firebird on Oct. 26.

By Ashley Carman | Oct. 22, 2010

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A typical NFL football game commercial break is primarily comprised of advertisements about three main things: beer, fast food and Gatorade. Nine times out of 10, the soundtracks to these commercials come in the form of Kenny Chesney or, dare I say, Nickelback. Well, indie fans around the country who have tuned into the NFL for the past couple of weeks might have gotten a bit of a surprise when the latest Budweiser commercial came on with the instrumentation provided by Pitchfork Media's "Best New Music" band, Los Campesinos!

To the dismay of many of its listeners, the group shared one of its most popular tracks, "You! Me! Dancing!," with a wider American audience. This move to a more mainstream listenership has its most dedicated fans pointing fingers at the group as "selling out."

Guitarist Neil Campesinos! doesn't see the problem with licensing the song.

"Why not use it if someone wants to ask us to use our song, like Budweiser, in between sports programs?" Campesinos! said. "It's going to get like, a massive audience, so why not?"

Looking back at where the group has come from in just four short years, the commercial truly does represent a whole new territory for the typically more niche community band.

With eight members in the group, Los Campesinos! is more of a mobilized hipster posse than simply just a band. Each member in the group has officially changed his or her last name to Campesinos!, truly committing the members to the band indefinitely. Although their last name might always make their participation in the band undeniable, this year has been full of ups and downs for the group members. With commercial success beckoning to them, conflict in band life has become imminent as well, as proven by the multiple lineup changes this year.

Replacing longtime drummer Ollie Campesinos! in the group is longtime band merchandise seller-turned-drummer, Jason Campesinos! The band also added multi-instrumentalists Kim Campesinos! and Rob "Sparky Deathcap" Campesinos! But fear not, fans. Neil Campesinos! is excited about the band lineup changes.

"It's more been really good, we are a new band in a way," Campesinos! said. "It makes us feel really confident and really happy and feel like we can do anything we want in a way."

On Oct. 26, the Campesinos! crew will bring its tunes and sass to The Firebird in St. Louis.

Neil is looking forward to playing in St. Louis for the third time.

"There's a really amazing pizza store the drive down from The Firebird," Campesinos! said, looking ahead.

The new and old members of the group have learned and rehearsed 26 songs and are ready to perform them on this tour. Campesinos! does have a warning, though.

"If you expect some kind of like, rock opera, unfortunately that's not going to be happening," he said.

So sorry, LC! fans, no "Bohemian Rhapsody" cover will make its debut on The Firebird stage. Nonetheless, Los Campesinos! will surely maintain its reputation of a fun and lively show. How exactly the new lineup will affect its performance remains to be seen.

Oh, and Neil wants to be very clear: Budweiser most certainly is not his, nor the band's, favorite beer. Number one in his heart is Sierra Nevada.

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