Sep. 11, 2017

MOVE takes a peek into the Tiger’s Lair

Junior Brendan Lavell: “Win or lose, it’s really exciting to be that close to the field surrounded by everyone cheering for the same team and one common purpose for our school.”

Nov. 14, 2016

Video Game Review: ‘Dishonored 2’ is a noteworthy sequel

“Dishonored 2” fails to burst out of “Dishonored’s shadow, but is a fantastic game nonetheless.

Jul. 10, 2012

Bits and Bytes: Because of 'Dead Space,' 'Tomb Raider' and 'The Last of Us,' survival horror is on the rise.

Get prepared to man up if you want to play the latest and greatest games.

Mar. 09, 2012

'Zelda' holds its original magic after 25 years

Nintendo’s “Zelda” franchise has hit all the right notes in its illustrious history to make it a long-lasting epic adventure.

Mar. 02, 2012

Video games and violence under trial

The short history of video games causes them to be more misunderstood than other entertainment mediums.