**Air Dubai**

  • Dec. 4

    • 9:00 p.m., Dec. 4, Mojo's, 1013 Park Ave.

      [Tickets:] (http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/183811?utmx=-&utmv=- &utmk=73315731&utmz=1.1352421128.48.2.utmcsr%3Dgoogle%7Cutmccn%3 D%28organic%29%7Cutmcmd%3Dorganic%7Cutmctr%3Dmojos+columbia+mo&_ _utma=1.789744480.1346353901.1350241782.1352421128.48&utmc=1&utmb = $8

      Easier experienced than described, Air Dubai is a bustling seven-piece hailing from the burgeoning music scene of Denver, CO. With disparate musical backgrounds and indiscriminate influences, the boys of Air Dubai have truly created something new: pure, melodic cacophony. When vocalists Julian Thomas and Jon Shockness conceived the product of their musical aspirations in the summer of 2008, the short- lived duo underwent a rejuvenation in the spring of 2009 with instrumentalists Nick Spreigl, Lawrence Grivich, Michael Ray, Taylor Tait and Wesley Watkins rounding out the band’s current line-up. The band as it exists will go on to collect several titles (including Westword Magazine’s Best Hip-Hop Band, and KTCL 93.3’s Hometown for the Holidays competition) and universal praise for their eclectic brand of spicy alternative music: always well done, but never over-sauced. Website: http://www.airdubaimusic.com

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