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Straight Outta CoMo: Five songs to get you pumped for school

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Move-in day is approaching fast. For some, it’s less than two weeks 'til the big day, and for others, less than a week. The time is now to get psyched about making new friends, partying and getting back on track with your degree (although I'm not sure the third option is as common as the other two). I’ve put together a list of five, pumped-up songs you can listen to anywhere, from tailgate parties to the comfort of your room:

"Start It Up (Feat. Kanye West, Fabolous, Swizz Beatz and Ryan Leslie)" – Lloyd Banks
Time to “start up” the year on a good note with "Start It Up" (ignore my horrible pun). Banks teamed up with 50 Cent and his G-Unit label for his album The Hunger For More, and it spawned this motorbike-inspired track. With Swizz on the beat and an ensemble of Banks, Yeezus, Fabolous and Ryan Leslie, this track will get you revved up — literally (you can hear Banks yelling “vroom vroom” in the background).

"Antifreeze" – Sahtyre
Let’s kick it to the West Coast underground with "Antifreeze" by Sahtyre. While the song is originally by Pac Div, Sahtyre borrows the beat and kills it with an incredible freestyle. The song rides an incredibly hard electro bass that might do a number on your subwoofers. This track isn’t too much of a dance number (just a heads up). You can plug your Dre Beats into your Macbook (or whatever brand of headphone/laptop combo you have) and enjoy as the bass line rips through your ears.

"I’m Out Here [D-Mix] (Feat. Big Sean, Danny Brown, Peezy and Boldy James)" – Dusty McFly
Let’s switch things up to my hometown, Detroit, with Dusty McFly’s "I’m Out Here D-Mix". McFly’s hit single spawned a remix rounding up some of Motown’s finest rappers (really wish Slim Shady got on this track). The track has a bell backtrack with punches of 808s throughout the song. Right from Big Sean’s first words, “Boss up,” this track really has you hyped up and revving to play some parking lot football.

"Chill (Feat. Reek Da Villian and J-Doe)" – Busta Rhymes
While the title of this song is “Chill,” this is not a mellow track. Busta Rhymes brings his label protégés onto Birdman’s compilation mixtape and dropped this track. Renowned producer Jahlil Beats puts electronic horns and 808s together to make this hype track. While Busta Rhymes may not be the same lightning rapper he used to be, his aggressive tone pairs well with the skillful lines of Reek Da Villian and the mellow tone of J-Doe. Just don’t get hyped up to the point of aggressiveness — then you might really need to chill.

"Ima Boss (Feat. Rick Ross)" – Meek Mill
Meek Mill is the king of hype anthems, and Dreamchasers is the pinnacle of his work. Forgive me, Bulls fans, for not selecting "Derrick Rose" as the song here, but nothing beats "Ima Boss" as the best pump-up song out there. What really makes the track one of the best out there is the repeated loop of horns. Punches of 808s and the smooth, but still hard, bass line help back up the blaring horns that take center stage on this track — and that's not to mentioning Meek Mill’s aggressive verses. Plus, Rick Ross's husky voice actually helps for once by contrasting the higher pitch of Meek Mill's voice. This song will make you feel like the OG hustler pimp you actually aren’t.

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