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Parquet Courts attempts to strike gold with debut album

Parquet Courts is your typical all-American start-up band from Brooklyn. The group formed in 2011, after relocating from Texas, and began practicing and playing gigs on a regular basis. Band members include Andrew Savage (from Fergus & Geronimo), Austin Brown, Sean Yeaton and Max Savage.

When the band first started, they played in the New York area and released their first album, American Specialties, exclusively on cassette in late 2011.

Parquet Courts music is a combination of indie rock and America punk. Although, a more simple description could be three guys playing in a garage band back in the ‘90s.

The band released Light Up Gold in 2012 and their first tour by the end of the year. Rolling Stone named Parquet Court a “band to watch” in its Feb. 14 issue.

So move over, Asher Roth, your partying days are over. Light Up Gold tells the story of life after college. Some of the album’s themes include questioning what to do with your life (“Borrowed Time”) and living on a tight budget (“Stoned and Starving”).

Although Parquet Courts may not appeal to everyone, they are worth giving a listen to. Behind every song is a story to be told. Parquet Courts’ story takes listeners to post-college days, a time when a lot of drinking and self-discovery happens.

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