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Artist Spotlight: Katy McAllister

Up-and-coming artist Katy McAllister is making a splash in the music world. Last month, she released her second EP, Katy Mac Throwbacks. Composing and performing her own material, McAllister started writing music when she was a sophomore in high school. Gaining more popularity, McAllister will soon be a force to be reckoned with. I have been listening to Katy McAllister’s music for the past week. Her songs are catchy, down to earth and capture the struggles and joys girls face, specifically those in high school and college. All of her lyrics are accompanied by simple piano chords, which have become a staple for this young artist. McAllister’s songs can be compared to artists such as Taylor Swift, who composes her own music as well and writes about similar life themes.

McAllister’s love for music stemmed from her family. She grew up near the city of Denver. At the tender age of four, she learned how to play the piano. This spurred her to join her church’s choir and stick with it until she was in college. During this time, she composed her own songs on the side. McAllister filled page after page of numerous notebooks with lyrics to more than 300 songs.

In 2009, McAllister was introduced to Tyler Ward, a local producer and Denver native who would later work with her to release her first EP. Ward believed in McAllister’s talent largely due to her writing abilities. Together, they released Katy McAllister's EP on July 29, 2011. Her first EP contains some of her most popular songs, including “Not Cut Out” and “Here’s to the Heartbreakers.”

The song “Here’s to the Heartbreakers” from her first EP has become a key principle that is the definition of Katy McAllister and her music. This particular song is a tribute to guys who aren’t ready for relationships, saying lying can cause the demise of any relationship.

Today, McAllister can be found writing and producing music where it all began: in her parent’s living room. Playing shows all over Colorado and the United States, McAllister is making a name for herself. Her YouTube channel is filled with original songs as well as covers of popular songs like “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

After taking the time to listen to McAllister’s music, I have discovered why fans love her music: she isn’t afraid to write what’s on her mind. The best songs come from real-life experiences, and McAllister has proven that. This is what sets her apart from other artists. If you’re interested in checking out Katy McAllister, I would suggest listening to “Amazing for a Minute,” “Phil” and “Wanna Believe.”

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