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Boys Like Girls fail to wow with new album 'Crazy World'

The truth of the matter is that Boys Like Girls’ recent album, Crazy World, just isn’t the band’s best work.

Three years ago, the pop-punk band released their second album Love Drunk, and after coming off a successful tour, the band then completed their third album. However, they scrapped it because it was inconsistent with the band’s image.

So now when you look at Crazy World, it’s hard to categorize the new album. Is it pop? Alternative? Country? One thing is for sure: Crazy World consists of a wide range of songs and has influences from all walks of life.

For example, Johnson wrote “Life of the Party” after taking a trip to Nashville, according to Star Pulse. The song is a combination of Boys Like Girls’ newfound style and that Nashville influence, resulting in a feel-good party song. It’s one of three songs featured on the band’s EP that was released in July and features vocals from newcomer Morgan Dorr.

What’s the best part of “Life of the Party”? Definitely when Johnson sings, “You smell that? Smells like Boys Like Girls is back.” This line sums up the band’s hopeful, yet lackadaisical comeback.

The album’s fifth track, “Stuck In the Middle,” sounds very similar to Augustana’s “Boston.” Knockoff or not, this is the most relatable track on the album. Johnson addresses a friend who’s feeling stuck in a situation that they don’t have control over in hopes everything will work out. Johnson sings, “Someday things will be perfect / It will be worth it all this time / Stuck in the middle / I know things will get better / Hold it together / Take your time.”

Undoubtedly, the most surprising song on Crazy World is the title track. “Crazy World” begins with a chorus of whistling and continuous beat boxing in the background. This song is out of place and awkward in relation to the rest of the album. “Crazy World” doesn’t sound like anything else that Boys Like Girls has produced in the band’s history and is one example of the band’s newfound style, making the transition from alternative to pop.

Love it or hate it, a Boys Like Girls album wouldn’t be complete without a heartfelt ballad at the end of the album. For the band’s debut album, it was “Thunder” and “Go” for Love Drunk. Crazy World’s “Hey You” is the newest addition to this club.

During an interview with MOVE in September, drummer John Keefe said the band’s new album is different, but as a whole, they didn’t stray too far from who they are.

Oh really…? True fans of Boys Like Girls may beg to differ.

All in all, Crazy World is a mess. The album fails to flow effortlessly from track to track and makes each song appear to be it’s own entity. The band has lost some of its original personality and spunk seen on previous records. You might even mistake Crazy World for a Taylor Swift record with all the songs about love and cheating. The consensus: Boys Like Girls needs to redeem itself -- one way or another.

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