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Lucia Looks at the Industry: March 8

Plenty of screen shots and box art were revealed today for upcoming games, as well new details on the iPad 3 and Quantic Dream’s game engine, among other things. Read on:

Quantic Dream’s game engine at GDC

Quantic Dream’s “Kara” motion capture engine debuted a short film featuring Kara, a robot built to be sold as merchandise to humans as potential partners, chore-doers or the like. The video exemplified the motion capture, vocal and facial performances that were all captured at the same time. IGN also was able to talk to Quantic Dream founder David Cage about why they made Kara and the future of used games and next-generation consoles. Sony also has an interview with Cage about creating Kara.

“Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time” screens released

“Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time” is set to release sometime this fall, and in lieu of this announcement came several screens showing archery, jesters and lasers as well as more of the cell-shaded art style of past “Sly Cooper” games. Also in the screens are several of Sly’s ancestors, including those who look like Robin Hood, a court jester and a cloaked figure. Source: Game Informer.

“Last of Us” screens released

Some new screens have been released for “The Last of Us,” showing off the lush apocalyptic scenery, combat and scavenging. You can view the screens on Game Informer.

“Max Payne 3” box art released

I can’t post the box art here, but I can direct you to the Game Informer site where the art is displayed. The box art displays an angry looking Max, his (most likely) girl, a baddie and the blazing setting of the game in the back drop.

Game Developer Choice Awards at GDC 2012 announced

The 12th Annual Game Developer Choice Awards went as followed: Game of the Year went to “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim,” Best Audio, Best Narrative and Best Game Design went to “Portal 2,” Best Downloadable Game went to “Bastion,” Best Visual Arts went to “Uncharted 3,” Best Technology went to “Battlefield 3,” and Best Debut went to Supergiant Games for “Bastion.” Other minor awards were handed out, and you can view the full list on most gaming news outlets. Source: GameSpot and Game Informer.

iPad 3 details revealed today

GameSpot has coverage of the San Francisco Apple event that occurred today. According to their site, pricing and specs were revealed as well as an iPad 2 price drop. Epic Games president Mike Capps played Infinity Blade’s “Dungeons” on the iPad 3 and said the new iPad has more memory and processing power than an Xbox 360.

Epic Games VP Mark Rein also praised the power of Apple, but in the way you praise something that is trying to eat you. Rein believes Apple could pose a threat to next-generation consoles if they are technically underwhelming, according to IGN.

Forbes announced Valve co-founder is one of top billionaires

Gabe Newell is worth about $1.5 billion, IGN reported via Forbes. This means he ranks 854 out of the world’s 1226 billionaires. Valve itself is worth $3 billion in enterprise value.

Fun site

If you’ve missed any of the “Skyrim” jokes and memes along the way, has complied a list of various YouTube videos and Internet photos to catch you up.

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