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Lucia Looks at the Industry: March 7

After Microsoft’s Spring Showcase, news and updates have been derived about what is in store for the company. Get ready for game updates and so much more. Read on:

Xbox Kinect seeing some love with new games

Two games that caught my eye as particularly Kinect-heavy were “Fable: The Journey” and “Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.” One adventure RPG and one shooter, both utilize the Kinetic for basic movements you would perform with a controller. Such actions include shooting fireballs or pulling down the scope of a sniper. As with any scheme, there are its pitfalls and benefits, but from what I’ve read, the biggest problem still is responsiveness and a too casual experience.

After Microsoft’s Spring Showcase, Game Informer was able to preview “Fable: The Journey” and “Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor” as well as all the game listed on this page.

News on “Halo 4”

G4 has a video on their site about the gameplay for “Halo 4” after Microsoft’s Spring Showcase. You can view that video here. This video will loop into others about the game, such as the new graphics, multiplayer maps and single-player campaign from 343 Industries. A less audial and visual approach to the “Halo 4” details can be found on Game Informer.

“Dust 514” will be a free-to-play PS3 game

CCP Games, the developer of “Dust 514” gave a press release today about the MMO shooter, according to Game Informer. The press release stated that the game will be free to download and play, but told Game Informer at last year’s E3, “all of your equipment will have to be purchased using in-game money, which can be earned through play or bought for real-life currency.”

New “Dragon’s Dogma” trailer

You can click here to see a new gameplay trailer for Capcom’s open-world RPG. This clip via Game Informer features a fearsome dragon (and your flight with it) and the different skills your character will be able to gain. There is plenty more where that came from on YouTube. And just in case you missed the story trailer for the game, click here to catch up.

Brainwave gaming technology?

In an article by Game Informer, brainwave technology company NeuroSky exemplifies their perceived future of gaming. Their technology has been proven in “Star Wars Force Trainer,” where concentration allows you to float a ball through a tube. NeuroSky also has shirts that measure your heartbeat and sends the information to an iOS device.

NeuroSky explained how this the technology could be implemented in gaming, summarized by Game Informer:

“One scenario involved military shooters and sniper situations. If you're actually calm and focused, your sniper scope will stay steady. If you're rattled and/or distracted, you'll be punished with an unsteady scope. Another involved a hypothetical stealth scenario. Sneaking around in a game like Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell could potentially be made more immersive if you were forced to calm your mind and body before slipping past guards. Playing the game while tired or over-caffeinated would be to your disadvantage, causing your character's sneaking ability to be less consistent. Your brain could even be used offensively in games, as seen in a demo that featured players making a barrel explode by focusing hard enough on it.”

Fun video

Want more real-life versions of “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” as well as more remix music videos? This group of fans put together a short rock segment combined with a modern day Dovahkiin introduction. Check it out here.

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