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Lucia Looks at the Industry: March 1

“Assassin’s Creed 3” gets more details

There’s excited chatter from just about every news source on this story-branching Ubisoft title. Here’s just a few and their summaries:

IGN reports on a leaked “Assassin’s Creed 3” main character photo. They say, “The image clearly features Native American influences, including a bow and arrow, headdress and necklace. The character is also wearing cowskin boots and holding what appears to be a Revolutionary pistol.”

GameSpot mentions a Toastervision leaked image, Game Developer Conference coincidence and a Ubisoft update: “Toastervision grabbed an image of a hub for Assassin's Creed III (which has since been pulled), showing the hooded character alongside the first United States president, George Washington.”

“The Best Buy tipster also indicated that Assassin's Creed III will be unveiled officially on March 5, with preorder bonuses also detailed on that day. A reveal on March 5 coincides with the 2012 Game Developers Conference, which runs March 5-9 in San Francisco.”

“Ubisoft has released the box art for Assassin's Creed III (pictured above), confirming rumors that the game will be set in Colonial America. The company also announced that it will officially unveil Assassin's Creed III on March 5 at 5 p.m. PDT.”

The game will release October 30 of this year.

“Bioschock Infinite” release date announced

IGN has the release date, a short plot preview and trailer on their site. The U.S release date for Bioshock’s “sole focus for the last four years” that “dwarfed the original in scope and ambition” is October 16 (quote from Ken Levine, creative director). Get ready.

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” to release in November, maybe

Last month, Amazon accidentally leaked the existence of “Black Ops 2” by posting about it on its site, and now there are more rumors surrounding the title. According to Game Informer, European retailer site posted an image indicating the release date (probably for Europe) for the game is in November of this year. These images have again been taken down quickly, although not before some screenshots were taken. No comment has been made by Activision, but the game should release at least in 2012, according to an earlier report.

Fun video posted a video about the future of gaming from the views of Bioware’s Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, Insomniac’s Ted Price, Epic’s Tim Sweeney and Mike Capps, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford and Double Fine’s Tim Schafer. Check out their opinions here.

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