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Lucia Looks at the Industry: Feb. 27

Unreal Engine 4 demo at the Game Developers’ Conference

Although this demo isn’t open to everybody (as GamesSpot quotes, the engine will only be demoed to “licensees, partners, and prospective clients during the show, with those parties forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.”), we know the future of gaming is near. According to Kotaku, Unreal Engine 4 creator Tim Sweeney said, the “engine would require a console much more powerful than the Xbox 360.”

IGN has the Samaritan Unreal Engine tech demo from last year’s Game Developer’s Conference as well as some futuristic sounding quotes from Tim Sweeney concerning the subject. My favorite? That the Unreal Engine 4 is "exploring areas of the technology nobody else is really yet contemplating because they're still a few years away from practicality."

Bethesda job listing shows next-gen consoles are on the rise

As IGN spotted, Bethesda posted a job listing seeking "experienced programmers to work on cutting-edge technology for an unannounced game on future-generation consoles."

I’d like to add a quote from Game Informer: “As if we needed more evidence that new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are coming sooner rather than later.” The idea behind this quote couldn’t be any truer, despite its sarcasm.

Dig sports games?

If you are, you should think about voting for the football legend to accompany Robert Griffin III on the “NCAA Football 13” cover. You can vote on this EA Sports Facebook page on March 12. Eddie George from The Ohio State University is on the ballot, just saying.

"The Hunger Games" coming to the iOS app store

As is par with any popular movie/book/game that comes out, it is made into a movie, book and game to exploit the popularity and create revenue. "The Hunger Games" is no exception here. For a more in-depth look of the iOS game, check out this Joystiq interview with game leader Adam Saltsman. Source: Game Informer.

I know movies and books haven’t translated well to games in the past, but I’m interested to see if the game will still be lame (to say it kindly) if its releasing for a less demanding system like an iPhone.

New “Pokémon” game first to repeat color names

With re-releases aside, “Pokémon Black 2” and “Pokémon White 2” will not only be the first to repeat color names, they will also continue to surprise. With the games releasing this fall in North America, most would assume they’d debut on the Nintendo 3DS. Instead, they will be making a home with the Nintendo DS. Sources: and Game Informer.

This seems like a screw up to the traditional Pokémon formula as far as colors go, but we'll see how it turns out. Also, my best guess as to a release on the DS instead of 3DS would be either extensive development for the DS already or no desire for the 3D function.

Fun video

With the “Mass Effect 3” release date coming up, videos are swarming YouTube about Bioware’s conclusion of the story of Commander Shepard. This rap video summarizes the first two “Mass Effect” games in a way that only serious fans will understand.

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