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Lucia Looks at the Industry: Feb. 24

New Blizzard free-to-play game in the mix?

According to Develop, Blizzard is making a free-to-play, unannounced game. This game might be the “Project Titan” that Blizzard is currently working on, but Blizzard declined to comment on the rumor.

PlayStation 4 might work with AMD for the PS4’s GPU

If you understand technological mumbo-jumbo more than I do, perhaps this comment by Kotaku will interest you: “For the PlayStation 3, when it came to the console's graphics, Sony partnered with Nvidia to produce the RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' GPU. According to a report on Forbes, though, for the PlayStation 4, Sony is partnering with Nvidia's arch-rival AMD instead.”

Vita price getting flak from Strategy Analytics

The research firm Strategy Analytics said the Vita could sell 12.4 million units in 2012 if Sony knocks the price tag down. Here’s a quote from the Game Informer article:

“Sony now is experiencing the same story in Japan as Nintendo," says analyst Jia Wu. "Sales of the Wi-Fi version of PlayStation Vita at $249 initially exploded, selling more than 300,000 units in the first week of release. But the new console is barely moving 20,000 units per week in its home market after all the hardcore fans made their purchases, mirroring the experience of the Nintendo 3DS." Therefore, Wu suggests that Sony should further follow in Nintendo's footsteps and cut the price of the Vita to spur sales. Nintendo did that in 2011 for the 3DS, and it's already reaping the rewards.””

Also with the Vita, the Facebook application isn’t working anymore and has been pulled by Sony. Check this Game Informer article for more.

The rise of mobile gaming for core gamers

Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian announced this past week that he is launching a mobile gaming company called Industrial Toys. We all know that mobile gaming is on the rise, but most still see it as a casual experience. Industrial Toys is looking to change this. The company’s mission statement is this: "We'll be mobile to the core, with games that let you have an immersive session at home that blows your mind apart as well as a 30-second experience that still moves you forward while you're waiting for the bus.” Source: PocketGamer.

More on the “Mass Effect 3” space launch

As we should all know by now, “Mass Effect 3” was sent into space via weather balloons for lucky fans to follow and find when they dropped. I had my doubts about the condition of the games when they landed, but apparently condition isn’t the issue. As reported by Game Informer, one of the San Francisco launched balloons is stuck in a 150-foot tree. Around 10 people are currently waiting for it to fall, or they will begin shooting projectiles at the game to motivate its descent.

“God of War 4” is coming

The same company that ousted the “Jak and Daxter Collection” secret has done the same for “God of War 4.” According to Game Informer, BT Games, a South African game retailer, “put up a page taking preorders for the game on its website.”

Fun video

Ever wanted to know the motivations behind “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim?” Especially from the mouth of creative director Todd Howard? I recommend checking out this article.

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