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A prescription for CoMo separation anxiety

I’ve been home for a grand total of two weeks, and I already miss everything about CoMo. The people, the freedom, the college town bustle…even the smell of stale beer. I’m telling you, I miss everything.

It’s definitely not for lack of things to do here in my home state of Arizona; since I’ve been home, I’ve gone to my sister's high school graduation, road tripped for concerts and even been a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding. But the only thing that boosted my spirits and made me just a little bit happier about being away from my new home in the Midwest?

A pool party.

It sounds dumb, but a bunch of my friends from high school got together a few days ago to sip ice-cold drinks and tan (or slowly turn into a lobster, in my case) by the pool in one of our backyards. And, even if for just a few hours, I forgot about how much I couldn't wait to be back in CoMo and enjoyed my time in the dry Arizona heat.

So, no matter where you are, I encourage you to run on over to the local pool or Truman's Pond or even your own backyard and enjoy the people that you’re with — no matter how anxious you are to be reunited with your sorority sisters/super awesome roommates/that cutie you met in your bio lab last semester. Test out our pool party-worthy playlist and that pineapple-lime drink that one of our reporters dreamed up. I guarantee you you'll have a good time.

And if the whole pool party thing just doesn’t do it for you? Try power-watching all four seasons of "Arrested Development." That’s been working for me too.

With a Venti-sized cup of love,


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