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Fash Talk: Swapping stilettos for sneakers

| Commentary

Flipping through the latest fashion magazines and perusing the newest posts on some of my favorite style blogs, I’ve come to notice a trend that ...

Think Outside the Boom Box: Return of the Mac

| Commentary

According to Mac DeMarco, his latest LP Salad Days has a mood that screams, “I was just on tour for 18 months, and I'm tired!” ...

Single Girl Diaries: It’s not stalking

| Commentary

We all do it. And no, “it” is not referring to sex and/or pooping. “It” is in reference to creeping. If you have access to ...

The Reel Reflections: Shield against S.H.I.E.L.D.

| Commentary

I admit to being unknowledgeable about the extensive Marvel universe. I’ve seen very few Marvel superhero movies (the ones I have seen are limited to ...

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Think Outside the Boom Box: Avey Tare returns

| Commentary

Outside of its intensely psychedelic sound, experimental group Animal Collective is best known to the music-obsessive community for the equally wonderful side projects it generates. ...

Fash Talk: These are my dress-fessions

| Commentary

I love being a girl. I love spending that time right before a night out with my gals, all of us getting ready together with ...

Movie review: ‘Draft Day’

| Guides

Set over the course of arguably the single most important day in the NFL, “Draft Day” follows the story of Cleveland Browns general manager Sonny ...

Single Girl Diaries: Wheels, love and Swedish Fish

| Commentary

It actually happened. I, Ellise Verheyen, was a seventh wheel. I know I’ve joked about it before, but other than prom, it hasn’t been a ...

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Delving deeper into the not-so-secret life of Columbia musicians

| Letters from the Editor

Pat Kay (of The Kay Brothers, The HipNecks and, uh, five other bands) met me at Coffee Zone on a Tuesday afternoon. Mary and the ...

‘Walking Dead’ remains simply “Meh.”


Spoiler alert I’ve been meaning to keep up with my posts on “The Walking Dead” more frequently this semester, but sometimes life gets in the ...

True/False recap: Frozen but still fulfilled

| MOVE Movies

I listened to “I Will Survive” on my way downtown this morning. Here I am. I did it. The snow wasn’t quite as substantial as ...

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