Inside Pizza Tree’s new late-night pizza delivery window

Owner John Gilbreth: “We’re still working out some kinks, but [it’s] for the greater good of the pizza shop.”


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Bar Talk: Calling the shots (with the guy who makes them)

The Shot Bar’s Sam Monsees talks etiquette, drinks and the essential pieces of a home bar.

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The perfect night of snacking, hour by hour

When hunger hits in the middle of the night, try to one of these restaurants at their time to shine.



Ballin’ on a Budget: How to make healthy and cheap tacos

Greek yogurt, corn tortillas and tilapia will help take your tacos to the next level.

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Woman Writes: Women are never 'asking for it' by the way they dress

Columnist Kristyna Kresic: “The only thing an outfit reflects is someone’s fashion sense, not consent to sexual activity.”


Man Seeking Movies: The Blair Witch returns

A horror film classic becomes a generic slew of jump scares in this sequel.

On Campus

‘Concussion’ film inspiration Dr. Bennet Omalu visits MU

Omalu: “The NFL is an organization that has become toxic in its own success. The players don’t matter to them. [But] the life of one NFL player has greater value than the $19 billion NFL.”

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Know Before You Go: The Mowgli’s headline CoMo show Saturday

The band will play at The Blue Note on their national Where’d Your Weekend Go tour.


The Big Bang

How to avoid spontaneously combusting phones, and other helpful tips from the FAA.

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Chrome Sparks unites light and sound to captivate crowd

KCOU hosted Chrome Sparks at Rose Music Hall on Friday night, along with DJ Scales and Roland Tings.


MOVE in print: Pepe’s, Brangelina and politics

Take a look at Downtown Watch, MOVE recommendations and the recipe of the week.

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MOVE Investigates: How recycling works on campus

MU and Columbia work together to keep the city efficient and clean.

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From shattered screens to drowned devices, Gravity has your Apple tech covered

The Apple-authorized service provider fixes a wide scope of issues on Apple devices.

Album Reviews


Listen to This: The Lumineers’ sophomore album is perfect for springtime

“Cleopatra” is a little homogenous but overall quite lovely.


Weezer: Still rockin’ after all these years

Your favorite surfer kids are back with their newest album.


Zayn takes new direction on “Mind of Mine”

The ex-boy band member shows us that One Direction was just the tip of the iceberg for him.