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Think Outside the Boom Box: The concerts of my freshman year

| Commentary

For any music fanatic like myself, the only thing that beats the headphones experience is the experience of seeing and hearing what you love most ...

Single Girl Diaries: Love@1stSight

| Commentary

Do you believe in “love at first sight”? I don’t, at least not entirely. I wouldn’t necessarily call it “love.” Love is a big deal. ...

Fash Talk: Swapping stilettos for sneakers

| Commentary

Flipping through the latest fashion magazines and perusing the newest posts on some of my favorite style blogs, I’ve come to notice a trend that ...

Fash Talk: For a gal on the go

| Commentary

It’s that dash to the journalism school from the opposite side of campus after waking up a solid 45 minutes late, panic shooting through every ...

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Q-and-A with Matt Frazier of Local Natives

| Music

With its driving rhythms and harmonious wails, LA-based band Local Natives has taken strides in the music world since the release of its 2010 album, ...

MU senior will drop new album this month

| Music

He lives by the beat. He calls himself Gramattyk. The music does not simply flow through him — it begins with expressions in his mind. ...

Downtown Declassified: Peace, protests and hackeysack

| Commentary

Personally, I think it’s no accident that Peace Park is situated close to both the J-School and Lee Hills Hall. Journalism is fun and amazing ...

Scarletta to perform free concert in Kuhlman Court

| Music

For up-and-coming performers, a relaxed, outdoor concert always seems to come naturally. The music is crafted simply, and the sound rarely seems forced. For Nashville’s ...

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Three cheers for summer (and a fond farewell)

| Letters from the Editor

I’ve never spent a summer in CoMo. In fact, the closest I’ve gotten is those four or five days surrounding Summer Welcome that June after ...

Delving deeper into the not-so-secret life of Columbia musicians

| Letters from the Editor

Pat Kay (of The Kay Brothers, The HipNecks and, uh, five other bands) met me at Coffee Zone on a Tuesday afternoon. Mary and the ...

‘Walking Dead’ remains simply “Meh.”


Spoiler alert I’ve been meaning to keep up with my posts on “The Walking Dead” more frequently this semester, but sometimes life gets in the ...

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